Easy Breakfast Casserole

breakfast casserole recipe

Hope you all are having a wonderful start to your week! This morning we are having our favorite breakfast casserole recipe. It’s super easy, and delicious. The great thing about it, is it’s totally customizable. Not a meat lover? Just add veggies! Vegan? Just use your favorite dairy alternatives. I think the best part is that this casserole tastes great reheated all week long, which saves me a lot of time in the mornings with the family!


  • pastedGraphic.png▢2 pounds of either pork sausage, diced ham, diced turkey or crumbled bacon  
  • (If you’re not a meat lover, add your favorite veggies instead.)
  • pastedGraphic.png▢12 eggs
  • pastedGraphic.png▢1 cup sour cream (light or regular)
  • pastedGraphic.png▢1/4 cup milk
  • pastedGraphic.png▢salt and pepper
  • pastedGraphic.png▢4 green onions (scallions)
  • pastedGraphic.png▢1/2 green bell pepper , diced
  • pastedGraphic.png▢1/2 red bell pepper , diced
  • pastedGraphic.png▢2 cups shredded cheddar (or your favorite) cheese
  • Adjust the veggies to your liking!  Mushrooms and spinach are yummy in this casserole!


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Spray a 9×13’’ pan with cooking spray.
  2. Combine the eggs, sour cream, milk, cheese, salt and pepper in a large bowl. Mix on low speed with electric mixer, just until combined.
  3. Heat a large skillet over medium heat. Add sausage (ham, turkey or bacon) and cook until browned, breaking into small pieces with a wooden spoon as it cooks. Drain most of the grease and add the sausage (ham, turkey or bacon) to the bowl with the egg mixture.
  4. Add the bell peppers, onion (and any other veggies of your choice) to the same skillet the sausage (ham, turkey or bacon) was cooked in and sauté for 2 – 3 minutes. Add to the bowl with the eggs and stir everything to combine.
  5. Pour mixture into greased 9×13’’ pan and bake for 35-50 minutes or until the edges are set and the center is just barely jiggly.
  6. Leftover egg casserole can be stored in the fridge and enjoyed within 3-4 days. Leftovers are delicious reheated!



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